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San Jose State University Electrical Engineering 172 Microwave Engineering Final Project. Outline •The Theory •Uses for Slot Antenna •The Design •Procedure •Results •Future Work •Conclusion. Outline •The Theory •Uses for Slot Antenna •The Design •Procedure •Results •Future Work

This paper presents the design process of a monopulse radial line slot antenna at 94 GHz for space debris detection. The paper has included the optimization process the calculation of the antenna gain through different efficiencies. Finally, a feeding network based on 4+1 pins is selected. The central pin generates the difference beam, while ... WIDEBAND PLANAR SLOT ANTENNAS - For this antenna, Lcpw also behaves like Lf in the printed dipole antenna design, and λg and εreff are calculated, using the same procedure used for the dipole, to be 23.5mm and 1.54 (70 % er), respectively. LineCalc calculation of εreff of the CPW feed line is 1.58, which shows that the CPA antenna decreases the feed line εreff. RESONANT LENGTH CALCULATION AND RADIATION PATTERN SYNTHESIS ... Method of Moments (MoM) technique. Resonant length calculation of the slot is a critical parameter in the design of waveguide slot array antenna. All computed results are compared with simulated results. CST Microwavestudio is used for the simulation and is totally based on FIT techniques. For computation purpose MATLAB 7.0 is used. The

The objective of this project is to design and simulate the Koch and Gasket patch (microstrip) monopole fractal antenna [9-10]. The behavior and properties of these antennas are investigated. 1.3 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT. The scopes defined for this project are as follows: • Understanding the antenna concept.

Slotted Waveguide Antennas (SWAs) have been ideal solutions for applications such as radar ... The design procedure by Elliott [3] computes these slots lengths. Design And Analysis Of Compact U Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna For ... coplanar or stacked parasitic patches we can do the etching process on the patch with ... The basic U -slot loaded rectangular micro strip patch antenna design. Design Procedure for a Frequency-Scanned Traveling Wave Antenna ... Slotted waveguide leaky wave antenna oriented along y-axis and general leaky .... is required to develop a design procedure for electronically steered TWA. Microstrip Patch Antenna − Designing at 2.4 GHz Frequency

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HIGH-GAIN SLOT ANTENNA WITH PARASITIC PATCH AND WINDOWED ... proposed slot antenna conflgurations and design procedures are given; the experimental results are also given and discussed. 1. INTRODUCTION Microstrip-fed slot antennas (MFSA) ofier many attractive features such as low proflle, high power capacity, high fabrication tolerance, and ease of integration with printed circuits. Thus they are Design of Compact Coplanar Waveguide Fed Slot Antenna for ... microwave region, the antenna design becomes more acute and essential [9,10 ]. In addition to the requirements of the impedance and radiation performances, the conformal structure and compact size are the main concerns within the design process. In this paper CPW fed slot antenna with RF performance suitable for RFID tag use at 5.8GHz is presented. A novel approach for miniaturization of slot antennas ... A Novel Approach for Miniaturization of Slot Antennas Reza Azadegan, Student Member, IEEE, and Kamal Sarabandi, Fellow, IEEE Abstract— With the virtual enforcement of the required boundary condition (BC) at the end of a slot antenna, the area occupied by the resonant antenna can be reduced. To achieve Design Method, Analysis and Prototypes of Radial Line Slot ...

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Connected U-Slots Patch Antenna for WiMAX Applications 3. Antenna Design Procedure This section describes the approach of designing a patch antenna using two U-slots techniques to adapt the structure to the desired interest operating frequency. The proposed antenna consists of a ground plane, a printed patch and a microstrip feeding line.

This sophisticated procedure has been used in recent years to design a few antennas for mission-critical applications involving stringent, conflicting, or unusual design requirements, such as unusual radiation patterns, for which none of …

Bandwidth Enhancement of a Printed Slot Antenna With a A printed microstrip-line-fed slot antenna with a pair of parasitic patches for bandwidth enhancement is proposed in this letter. By using the parasitic patches along the microstrip feed line, an Chapter 8 Slot Antennas - 电子创新网 The electric field is everywhere normal to the surface of the slot antenna except in the region of the slot itself. The theoretical analysis of this configuration shows that the radiation of the currents in the sheet can be deduced directly from the distribution of the electric field in the slot. Design of Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna Fed by H … planar array design and the section V represent the directivity of the planar antenna. In section we present the design procedure and the simulated results of the corresponding section. The commercially available 3D electromagnetic solver HFSS [2] is used to simulation. Design of Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna Compact Two-Layer Slot Array Antenna with SIW for 60GHz

Fractal Antenna for Multiband Applications - IJIET r =4.7 are used to demonstrate the design concept. The fractal-like antenna with a total dimension of 62× 89.6 × 0.78 mm3, is fed by a microstrip line placed at the centre axes of the dielectric substrate as shown in Figure 3. Figure 3. Triple band fractal-like antenna with % = 1.25. Microstrip Patch Antenna Design - Santa Clara University