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Oct 29, 2017 · Add real and meaningful quests and campaigns post 66+ that actually give real experience instead of 000.2% of the level. Reduce the Experience needed for 66-75. Reduce tempering from all future accessorys too +5max too make Pvp more even,Cap enchanting at +10/15 maximum. Elementis Forest | Aion Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Elementis Forest is a group instance for Level 57+ players. The entrance is found in Sarpan, at the 9 o'clock position. The instance is split into two parts - Elementis Forest and Argent Manor. The maximum number of players is 12. The re-entry is reset every day at 9 am. Contents[show...

Aion - Aion's been getting a decent amount of press this fall, first for September's Assault on Balaurea expansion and lately due to the uproar surrounding the 2.1 patch. Among other things, 2.1 substantially increased the game's loot drop rates, leading to huzzahs on one side of the aisle and raised eyebrows on the other. Not to be outdone, NCsoft producer Chris Hager recently posted an open letter ... Category:Templates :: Wiki :: EverQuest :: ZAM Consolidated list of templates. For general wikibase templates, you only need to add [[Category:Templates]] for game specific templates, please also include them in the following list.

After accepting a quest, the temporary indicator flashes for 10 seconds, and disappears. The quest tracker can be moved and resized. The quests in the quest tracker can be reordered. If the quest summaries are too long for the window, a scroll bar is generated. Up to 14 quests can now be tracked.

Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (53-55) | PC Gamer Duddlinerk thinks one more cube slot would be nice, but not help business. Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (51-52) | PC Gamer Read more of their awesome work at The Aion PowerWiki ! A Good Review on Aion - Aion News - Aion for quite a long time and they have got some reviews on this game , the following points are listed by xblade724 , please read and see what does he think of this game :aion kinavery cool, hanging. Aion Guides | Aion Life

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Assault on Balaurea ("Aion 2.0"), Aion's massive, free expansion is just around the corner--it'll be hitting live servers on September 7th. In order to make sure you're prepared for the coming ...

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Bütün Quest Done Server = Anuhart = Asmodian (Ayriyettende elimde 6 GOLD PACK vardır. Satılıktır) ... 24 Slot pet Pouch (shop ürünü) 12 Slot Pet (event ürünü) Pagati Ironhide (shop ürünü) ... 179 Aion coin Fiyat :135 TL >>> 90 TL Aion (Aion: The Tower of Eternity) Profil mmorpg fantasy hry Aion. Aion: The Tower of Eternity je nové mmorpg od NCsoftu. Hra poběží na CryEngine, který pohání první díl Far Cry. Nejedná se tedy o CryEngine2, na kterém běží Crysis. [Aion 3.0] 18-01-2012 update - Daeva's Report Today on Korean PTS new 3.0 update will be introduced. It’s not marked as “separate” patch (like 3.1 or smtg) – it’s just rather “fixing/upgrading” patch o… Aion 2.0: Asmodian Leveling Guide (51-52): Page 5 | PC Gamer Duddlinerk: Mithril Coins are available to Daeva at level 51. Mithril Coins can be exchanged for Shadesoaked armor, akakakak!

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Problem with that: There just aren't enough people playing Aion, plain and simple. That's why we're merging. All of the players will still be split into 6 "servers" after merge -- Katalam Ely, Katalam Asmo, Danaria Ely, Danaria Asmo, FTS Ely, FTS Asmo -- although I guess you could argue that FTS people are only on there a short while. Wings Over Atreia: A guide to Aion's menagerie - Engadget Sometimes you can get a pet just by completing a quest or a series of them. Golden Drakie (pack, 18-slot); Toy Fair (Elyos) or This is Not a Toy! (Asmodian) quests -- Stories of the Past chain Aion Quests | Aion Life Aion is a visually stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) where your character wields devastating powers and sweeping wings to explore a celestial world of breath-taking beauty and epic adventure.