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Abstract: The skewed rotor slots were originally used to provide starting torque when the motors had the number of the stator slots equal to the rotor slots. This technique was kept later even though knowing that the starting torque could be provided choosing a proper number of rotor slots. Why is a motor call squirrel cage motor - answers.com Why rotor of squirrel cage induction motor is skewed? The squirrel cage is skewed so that the force applied to the rotor it continuous. ... slots are skewed to get uniform torque ,reduce the ... How does the skewed rotor in a squirrel cage induction ... How does the skewed rotor in a squirrel cage induction motor help to produce a smooth torque curve for different position of rotor?. Why Squirrel Cage Rotor Type Induction Motor's Rotor Bar ...

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Blog > Bodine Electric Company The conductors are typically formed by die-casting. In open frame AC induction motors, the die cast rotor usually includes integral fan blades which allow for efficient and cost effective motor cooling. The common term for this type of rotor is “squirrel cage” (because of resemblance to the runway of an old-fashioned squirrel cage). Rotor Bar - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics A squirrel-cage rotor has a laminated iron core with slots for placing skewed conductors, which may be a copper, aluminum, or alloy bar. These rotor bars are short-circuited at both ends through end rings as shown in Fig. 3.5. The rotor | Electrical Engineering Assignment The major ‘disadvantage’ of squirrel-cage motor is that it is not possible to insert resistance in the rotor circuit for the purpose of increasing the starting torque. The cage rotor has a smaller starting torque and large starting current as compared with wound rotor. Why are conductors skewed in an induction motor? - Quora

The rotor current developed torque. 3) The resistance and inductance of the rotor circuit affect the rotor's starting torque and starting current. Once started, the speed by which the rotor slips. Behind the speed of the rotor's magnetic field is proportions to the load counter-torque.

However, in the squirrel cage rotor, there are many more variables in the design. One of the variables is the shape of the rotor slot. Many rotor designs are skewed.

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Abstract: In rotating-field machines, especially in squirrel-cage induction motor, the rotor slots are often assembled in a skew position in order to reduce the ... Improved Performance Characteristics of Induction ... - DiVA portal Nov 24, 2009 ... Machines with Non-Skewed Asymmetrical Rotor Slots. Submitted to the ... considerably in a cage rotor, degrading the efficiency of the motor. Cross- ... of vibration observed in the eccentric rotors, which usually occur in reality, ...... for the analysis of noise and vibrations of squirrel cage induction motors”. In. Analysis and design of AC induction motors with squirrel cage rotors Figure 1.1 Cutaway view of an AC induction motor with squirrel cage rotor. ..... a stator or rotor slot MMF source from all stator winding or rotor bar currents ... a rotor three-dimensional end and skew leakage inductance per rotor phase. L , ..... leakage flux is not as critical because it is usually small relative to air gap flux and it ... Rotor Bar - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics A squirrel-cage rotor has a laminated iron core with slots for placing skewed ... The bars are usually made of aluminium or copper, but sometimes made of brass .

1) The phase AC Power supplied to the motors stator is creates a rotating magnetic field that is constant in magnitude and rotates at a constant speed. 2) The induction motor operates as a transformer with a rotating, short-circuited secondary winding, The stator's rotating magnetic field cuts rotor conductors, which induces a voltage and current.

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Squirrel Cage Rotor Testing - Pump Magazine SQUIRREL CAGE ROTOR TESTING ... SQUIRREL CAGE ROTOR The squirrel cage rotor consists of the bars and end ... motor with 48 stator slots and 57 rotor bars could de- ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING IMPORTANT MCQ-POLYPHASE INDUCTION ... ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING IMPORTANT MCQ-POLYPHASE INDUCTION ... the rotor slots are usually given slight skew ... In the squirrel-cage induction motor the rotor slots ... Rotor (electric) - Wikipedia